Campus Village Center

Completion Date: August 2007

Campus Village developed Campus Village Center on the site of a former car dealership in East Lansing Michigan.  The project houses students of Michigan State University.  The 1st phase of the project came online in August of 2004 and consisted of 60 apartments and 222 beds.  Every bedroom has its own bathroom and the units came furnished including big screen TV’s.  In addition the project had a mixed use component due to the underlying zoning.  The first floor of the building on Michigan Ave had offices as well as student amenities including a game room, fitness center, computer lab, and lounge.  The project proved to be very popular with the students and exceeded all occupancy and rent growth projections.

In August 2007 Campus Village brought online the 2nd phase of the project.  The 2nd phase consisted of a wider variety of apartment types totaling 46 units and 133 beds.  In addition phase II included a four story parking deck attached to the building which provided ample parking for both phases and the commercial tenants.  The ground floor included more office space as well as some service related commercial tenants.  The entire project was sold to EDR in October 2012.


2,600+ beds

Roofed under the Campus Village Brand

Acquired First Property


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Campus Village Communities is a Michigan-based multiple-family and mixed-use student housing developer.


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